Make Their Christmas Special Once Again 

Last year you put smiles you on the faces of children living in motherless babies' homes in Ghana and Nigeria and donated to Hope House, a children’s charity in the UK. You heeded our call to help in My Special Christmas (MSC) project in partnership with Mercy For You. We are forever grateful. Once again we come back to you. Please help us enrich and enhance the Christmas experience of orphans in Africa this year. Your donations will be used to buy gifts, food and drinks and pay for activities such as music and dance, sports and games. Without your help these children face a miserable Christmas amidst celebrating. Give whatever you can. It will go a long way.




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We depend on volunteers to accomplish our mission. We especially need fundraisers to raise money for our FGM awareness campaign, education, energy, healthcare and WASH projects .​


WCCH is committed to improving the health and well-being of women children and local communities through advocacy, support, counselling and direct financial and material support to end poverty.  

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