Sponsor a school and help an entire community to achieve better education, social and economic outcomes. Your donations will enable schools to provide facilities for education so that children can lean in a healthy, safe, comfortable and secure environment. They will build schools, drill and repair boreholes, install water tanks, electricity; engage in income generating projects, buy textbooks and stationary, and teach children skills for life. As a sponsor we will keep you fully informed about how your generous donations are used and what impact your they are having on the school and villages it serves.


Corporate 'donors are most welcome. We would greatly appreciate donations in money and in kind.

Sponsor a child's education today and help them begin or continue on an incredible journey of self -improvement and personal empowerment. Education will lay a firm foundation for the future, open doors, and help them achieve their potential. At WCCH we will ensure that at least 80% of the money you give gets to the child you sponsor and is used  to pay pay school fees, buy stationary and textbooks and other learning support materials. Your own life will be enriched by this experience and the knowledge that you are helping a child achieve an otherwise impossible dream. We will  keep you up  to date with the child's progress.




Volunteers are welcome and provide a vital service to enable us to fulfil our mission and carry out our work to the highest of standards. We have fundraising opportunities here in the UK, and in Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria and Zimbabwe we need volunteers to work on various projects. Please fill in a form and our volunteer coordinator  will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 


We need your donations. The money you gives makes a lot of difference. It will enable us to carry out our mission and bring relief to many communities and uplift families from poverty. We value every donation. We appreciate one off donations and value regular giving as well. Donate now by clicking the link below and follow instructions. 


Do you want to get involved today? Please click above. This will lead to our contact page. Tell us what you want to do.

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